In early 2011, Katherine Zsolt began an apprenticeship with one of America's most

highly regarded painting conservators, Thornton Rockwell. Mr. Rockwell, who has

recently retired, was the private art conservator for both the Getty family's private

collection and The Bohemian Club, and worked extensively with major museums,

including Kimbell Art Museum and de Young Museum. He was also a Fellow of

the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) and

a member for 45 years.

Ms. Zsolt joined Mr. Rockwell's studio with 36 years of experience in applied

colour and materials research and art restoration. Over the next nine years she

trained and worked alongside Mr. Rockwell becoming his business associate by

2013 and by 2015 had assumed responsibility of the Bohemian Club's painting

conservation. In 2020, Katherine returned home to Canada with plans to open a

studio by 2023 to continue the high conservation standards of both Mr. Rockwell

and the AIC, utterly grateful for the opportunity to work with Mr. Rockwell, and

on the remarkable painting collections of his San Francisco clients.